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Fostering a closer connection between pricing and sales teams can have a significant impact on a company's revenue growth. Yet it is often easier said than done.

What if you could leverage your sales team's pricing acumen to uncover customer willingness to pay? And at the same time, what if your price recommendations could cultivate trust among your sales team? 

In this webinar, we will we delve into the dynamics of winning your sales team's trust through strategic price recommendations . We will demonstrate how to fine-tune resulting price recommendations, enhancing your chances of sealing the deal successfully. And most importantly, we will reveal our proven techniques for presenting these recommendations in a way that fosters trust among your sales team and ensures seamless adoption. Join this session on:

Wednesday, September 20
10:00 AM BST / 11:00 AM CEST

Key Takeaways

  • Harnessing your sales team's pricing experience to gauge customer expectations
  • Adapting and refining price recommendations to maximize deal closure
  • Strategies for presenting recommendations to earn the trust of your sales team

Webinar host

Dominic O’Regan
Senior Strategic Consultant - PROS
Dominic is an experienced Business Consultant and Sales professional with a solid track record of over 12 years in SaaS companies. He’s been helping companies across all industries in UK and Europe identify opportunities to improve margin and revenue performance through the implementation of pricing and sales optimisation strategies. Dominic holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Brunel University.
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