Roundtable: Leading Change Management Through the End-to-End Pricing and Sales Process within Food Organizations

October 14, 2021
10:00AM-11:00AM CST

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Implementing a new pricing strategy and software within food organizations is a major catalyst for growth, but it also requires significant changes within your organization, which can become obstacles without the right strategy. In this community discussion, you’ll gain important insight from PROS, Clover Group and your industry peers on how to best collaborate across functions—Executive, Pricing, Sales, Procurement, Finance, IT, eCommerce, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, and Supply Chain teams—to accelerate the adoption process, reduce resistance to change, and facilitate organizational transformation.

You’ll learn:

• Key tactics to use when introducing a new pricing strategy

• Examples of successful change management workflows

• Programs and resources to help guide your transition 

Meet Your Hosts:

Daniel Wolf
Director, Strategic Consulting, Food and Consumables - PROS

Bill Dudziak
Lead Strategic Consultant, Food and Consumables – PROS

Pat Powers
Principal – Clover Group


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