Roundtable: Building a Strong Business Case for Dynamic Pricing and Customer Self Service Success in the Food Industry

August 19, 2021
10:00AM-11:00AM CST

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Join us for this candid community discussion with thought leaders from PROS, Clover Group and your industry peers.

With rising food costs, supply volatility, trends toward customer self-service, and the expansion of new go-to-market channels, the case for harmonized, dynamic price management is apparent. But where do you begin? Join us for this candid community discussion with thought leaders from PROS and your industry peers. Their examples, resources, and results will provide you with excellent information for your own digital transformation journey.

You’ll learn:

• Key factors to consider
• Best practices for cross-functional team alignment
• Common errors to avoid
• Career advancement examples of pricing project leaders

Meet Your Hosts:

Daniel Wolf
Director, Strategic Consulting, Food and Consumables - PROS

Bill Dudziak
Lead Strategic Consultant, Food and Consumables – PROS

Pat Powers
Principal – Clover Group


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