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The era of big data is not “coming soon.” It’s here and it has brought both big change and unprecedented opportunity to countless businesses across many industries. The first wave of big data focused on the underlying resource demands -- the three “V’s” of big data -- Volume, Variety and Velocity. It’s now time to shift the conversation to a new “V” – Viability – to determine which data elements actually produce better outcomes and will help you reap long-term rewards from your big data.


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Neil BiehnNeil Biehn, PhD, is vice president and leader of the science and research group at PROS, Inc., where for the past 12 years he has researched pricing, revenue and profit optimization, and the underlying data science. During his tenure, Biehn has designed pricing algorithms and optimization models for companies in the manufacturing, distribution, services, travel and transportation industries. He is a published author in a variety of formats that include scientific journals and white papers, and is a contributor to the recently published book titled Innovation in Pricing: Contemporary Theories and Best Practices.

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