The Future of Revenue Management Today

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Change is constant and the best direction to take may be hazy. Whether it is migrating to the Cloud, preparing for NDC, or managing ever-growing look-to-book ratios, how can your airline stay ahead of the curve?

The future of revenue management includes arming your systems with the right solutions. PROS Availability Server was designed to drive a superior customer experience, but also allow airlines to maximize revenue across all sales channels and better integrate across industry standards and systems.

Hear PROS experts discuss how PROS Availability Server can keep you at the forefront of innovation while having a direct impact on your business

Formulate winning strategies to grow revenue

Align availability and fares in real time

Increase revenue with partners

About the Hosts

John McBride

John McBride leads a team responsible for the innovation and evolution of PROS flagship airline RM products and next generation, cloud-based, real-time technology. Before joining PROS in 2005, John was a lecturer and mathematical statistics researcher in Bayesian statistical modeling and computational mathematics. He holds a B.M. in music and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics.

Carlos Parra

Carlos Parra is a Product Manager for passenger airline products specifically working with the Real-Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP) and PROS Availability Server. He is responsible for working with customers to understand and define product requirements, providing client support and contributing to the product vision. Carlos is one of the PROS representatives working in IATA NDC Pilot and other industry-related company initiatives. Prior to joining PROS, Carlos led a small software development company. Carlos earned a Master’s in Business Administration at Rice University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Simon Bolivar University.