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The increasing complexities you face when it comes to bidding, negotiating, structuring deals and winning business may make you feel like it’s harder than ever to increase win rates and grow margins. It’s almost impossible for a pricing strategy built on spreadsheets to factor in everything impacting your ability to win profitably today. To stay successful, many companies are moving to more advanced pricing tools and technology.

These companies are following a proven path to go from “good” to “great,” realizing their pricing power, improving win rates and driving profitability. You can start tapping into your pricing power, too, and this PROS whitepaper, "From Good to Great," is an excellent place to start. It’s written by pricing expert Craig Zawada, PROS Chief Visionary Officer and co-author of The Price Advantage, recognized as one of the most pragmatic books available on pricing strategy.


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Top 8 Myths

Top Eight Myths of Pricing Optimization
Learn how to evaluate pricing optimization vendor offerings and what to expect from the technology.

Petrochemical Case Study

Real World Success
Pricing optimization solution delivers $350 million annual margin improvement for a petrochemical company.

PROS Price Optimizer
PROS Price Optimizer creates intuitive and effective pricing that yields more profitable business.

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