The Sales Experience is Now the True Driver of Manufacturer Revenue Growth

The Sales Experience is Now the True Driver of Manufacturer Revenue Growth

Manufacturers are increasingly focused on growth to stay ahead of the industry’s modern challenges.

The traditional route to meeting revenue goals has been through making investments in customer support, marketing, R&D activities and maintaining competitive pricing. Global competition, however, is changing the revenue generation landscape.

Manufacturers are comfortable improving designs and getting products to market quicker, but they tend not to tamper with the sales process, even though a cumbersome sales process leads to lost deals – and lost revenue.

Salespeople often focus heavily on relationships and understand what their customers want after getting to know them. However, a focus on customer support prioritizes the post-transactional part of a customer’s experience. Modern commerce requires customer relationships to begin with the first point of sale. If you wait until a customer needs additional products or services to work on customer retention, you’ve already missed an opportunity to deliver a remarkable start-to- finish customer experience.

Complexity, in both manufactured products and sales processes, is encroaching on customers’ buying experiences.

“It’s time to flip the mental model of organic revenue and growth. Manufacturers need to set their company apart from the competition, and innovation is not enough.”
from the eBook, “Meeting Customer Expectations: Why the Sales Experience is Now the Driver of Revenue Growth for Auto and Industrial Manufacturers”

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