Close More Deals on Salesforce.com

Close More Deals on Salesforce.com

Find your hottest prospects and deliver what they want, when they want it.

When highly qualified leads are ready to buy, don't let technology and processes stand in the way. Today's savvy organizations can easily identify their best leads, offer personalized solutions, streamline sales processes, and convert more opportunities. Are you ready to accelerate your organization's sales performance?

If so, join Salesforce.com AppExchange partners Velocify, PROS, Scribe, and Conversica in this interactive Webinar and learn how to:

  • Find your best leads, using real-time customer intelligence.
  • Create consistent practices that improve sales velocity and predictability.
  • Sell complex products and services smarter, faster, and more profitably using CPQ guided selling.
  • Leverage known prospect and customer data to drive highly personal and valuable engagements.
  • Identify your best leads and convert more opportunities by automating the initial connections process.


David Myron Editorial Director, CRM magazine

Martin Lind Director of Business Development, Velocify

Sean Cassidy Director of Content Strategy, PROS

Lou Antonucci Vice President, Sales, Scribe

Will Webb-Purkis VP of Product Management, Conversica

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Close More Deals on Salesforce.com