Technomic Names 4 Data Strategies Reshaping the Future of Foodservice

Impacting your future: Disruptive Pricing

From suppliers to distributors to operators, companies in the foodservice industry are at a crossroads. Disruption is the name of the game and everyone is feeling the impact of companies who, fueled by the latest technology, are causing buyer expectations to reach unprecedented heights. It’s clear the time for action is now, but where to start?

Technomic has analyzed the technologies most poised to impact foodservice in the near future and, in this new report, explains why it’s critical not to lag behind industry peers when it comes to modern pricing systems.

About Technomic

Technomic, a Winsight company, delivers a 360-degree view of the food industry. They provide consumer-grounded vision and channel-relevant strategic insights to impact growth and profitability for their clients. Their services range from major research studies and management consulting solutions to online databases and simple fact-finding assignments. Clients include food manufacturers and distributors, restaurants and retailers, other foodservice organizations, and various institutions aligned with the food industry. Learn more at technomic.com

About PROS

PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a revenue and profit realization company that helps B2B and B2C customers realize their potential through the blend of simplicity and data science. PROS offers cloud solutions to help accelerate sales, formulate winning pricing strategies and align product, demand and availability. PROS revenue and profit realization solutions are designed to allow customers to experience meaningful revenue growth, sustained profitability and modernized business processes. To learn more, visit pros.com.

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Technomic shows you how to deliver on new buyer expectations.