Offer Optimization: Traveling Your Way

Offer Optimization: Traveling Your Way

To capture today’s increasingly more informed and empowered consumer, businesses are taking a personalized approach, offering easy access to relevant choices that provide the most value to the unique needs of each buyer.

The concept of optimizing offers, while novel to the airline industry, has been in practice in the hospitality world for years with the help of PROS data science.

Read the story to learn:

  • How PROS is helping an iconic hotel and resort destination use powerful data intelligence, automation, and analytics to better understand customer needs—and drive a more profitable business along the way.
  • What you can do NOW to ensure your network can cope with today’s modern shopping traffic as the airline industry prepares for offer optimization.


About the Author

Steve Bondi joined PROS in 1987 and has been a key product architect for all PROS airline products. He has worked with a vast group of customers with different business environments during the course of the solution development, addressing their diverse business needs with a single product of flexible configuration. Currently, he heads the Strategic Innovation area, ensuring and coordinating innovation for PROS’ established products in Sales Effectiveness, Price Optimization, and Revenue Management, and for any future products. Prior to joining PROS, Mr. Bondi managed the Information Technology at Florida Express Airlines.






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Offer Optimization: Traveling Your Way