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Scientific segmentation and big data technology give companies the information they crave. With insight into what customers are willing to pay, sales reps can negotiate with confidence and get an inside track to find new sales leads that they didn’t even know existed.

This paper explains how a more granular approach to segmentation can tease out these critical insights from your mountains of customer, product, and transaction data to solve your biggest pricing and sales challenges.

Not only does analyzing your transaction data with the power of PROS big data science and predictive analytics provide more accurate pricing for your customers, it also reveals the hidden opportunities that are lurking in your data and generates the insight you need to find and close your top sales opportunities.


About the Author

Dr. Neil Biehn is the senior director of science and research at PROS, a leading provider of pricing and margin optimization software products. At PROS, Dr. Biehn specializes in the research, implementation and innovation of pricing optimization in the B2B and travel and transportation industries. Dr. Biehn received his Ph.D. in operations research from North Carolina State University and currently resides in Houston, Texas.

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