Break Free From Airline Distribution Constraints

Don’t Let Airline Distribution Limitations Keep You Grounded

You’re trying to maximize global revenue, but you’re limited in how and where your product can be sold. Three big things are holding you back:

  • Sell discrepancies: You can’t provide accurate and real-time availability and strategic pricing across all channels.
  • Synchronization issues: You’re unable to sync availability across multiple distribution systems.
  • Lack of control: You can’t tailor availability to specific passenger requests, or even by distribution channel.

As a result, you’re not only leaving money on the table, you can’t meet customer expectations by offering them more choices that are relevant to them. These days, when travelers make purchases, they want to know the value of what they buy, not just the price.

It’s time to break free from airline distribution limitations, and provide accurate real-time availability and strategic pricing across all channels.

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About the Author

Carlos Parra, Product Manager, PROS
Carlos Parra is a Product Manager for passenger airline products specifically working with the Real-Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP) and PROS Availability Server. He is responsible for working with customers to understand and define product requirements, providing client support and contributing to the product vision. Carlos is one of the PROS representatives working in IATA NDC Pilot and other industry-related company initiatives. Prior to joining PROS, Carlos led a small software development company. Carlos earned a Master’s in Business Administration at Rice University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Simon Bolivar University.






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Break Free From Airline Distribution Constraints