Building a Data-Focused Sales Organization

6 Tips for Hitting Sales Quota While Doing More with Less

Balancing top- and bottom-line performance is highly important for today's sales organizations. That means your sales team has to hit quota while protecting margins, often with limited resources.

Our new tip sheet shows you how to develop the plan, sales process and discipline your team needs to rise to that challenge.

Get actionable steps for success that you can immediately put to use, including how to:

  • Organize and plan your strategy for hitting quota.
  • Focus on the right customers to unlock massive sales potential.
  • Stop customers from paying too little for your products.
  • Keep reps focused on following your sales process.
  • Make data-driven adjustments to your tactics.

About PROS

PROS Cameleon Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) works seamlessly with leading CRM platforms to accelerate deal velocity and improve sales effectiveness. By infusing data-driven pricing guidance into the CPQ process, PROS allows sales teams to sell the right products at the right price. Learn more at www.pros.com.

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6 Tips for Hitting Sales Quota While Doing More with Less